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Flat Feet in Redondo Beach

If you are experiencing problems with flat feet, you will want to visit us at our podiatry practice, Flaherty & Florek Foot Care. At our foot clinic Redondo Beach, you will be seen by one of our expert foot doctors, just one of whom is Dr. Derek J. Florek, for treatment of your flat feet.

If your flat feet do not cause any problem or pain, there is absolutely no reason to come in and see our foot doctor for treatment. However, many people with flat feet end up having foot pain, or pain in other parts of the body, due to their flat feet. At our foot clinic Redondo Beach, our foot doctor can assess your flat feet, and provide you with treatment. When a patient has a flat foot, the foot arch may appear collapsed in the midsection, allowing the inside of the foot to actually contact the ground when walking. When this occurs, pain is felt by the patient, and shoes wear down quickly due to unhealthy walking patterns. Patients who are experiencing problems with flat feet may complain of: fatigue; cramping; bunions; corn; calluses; heel pain, and even shin splints. Sometimes patients have congenital flat feet, which often do not cause any problems for the patient. However, if your flat feet have developed over time, they are more likely to cause foot problems which should be seen and treated by our foot doctor. The most common cause of a flat foot is a foot that has excessive pronation. This is caused by faulty mechanics when walking and standing. If this is the case, and our foot doctor can manage your flat feet situation. Our foot doctor can prescribe orthotics or other foot and ankle devices that provide foot support. These items will keep your foot from rolling and help to support the foot and ankle. Shoe modifications, injections, anti-inflammatory medications, and physical therapy are less commonly used, but can be effective in treatment.

To visit with our foot doctor at our foot clinic Redondo Beach for flat feet treatment, contact us for an appointment

Flaherty & Florek Foot Care 2914 W. Main St, Visalia CA 93291 (559) 627-2849

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