Foot Disorders Redondo Beach

Treating common foot disorders in Redondo Beach

Foot Disorders Redondo Beach

Diagnosing and treating common foot disorders accurately requires the expertise and experience of a specialist. At Flaherty & Florek Foot Care, we can handle everything from bunions and hammertoes to fungal toenails and ankle sprains, and much more with the attentive care that we're known for. We understand that when you have foot problems, it is difficult to live your life in a normal fashion. So come to use for foot disorders in Redondo Beach.

Some foot concerns are based on issues with muscles, tendons, ligaments, or bones. Others are skin-related. And some originate with the toenail. What is certain is that the discomfort or pain these conditions cause make it hard to walk or even stand sometimes, let alone engage in athletic activities. The first thing you should do for your foot disorders in Redondo Beach is come in to be examined by our podiatrist. Some conditions can be diagnosed simply by sight. This is often true with bunions, for example, or with corns and calluses. Others, like an ankle sprain, for example; or a hammertoe, could require x-rays so that the exact cause can be found along with the right diagnosis. Sometimes, a hairline fracture of a bone can seem like a sprain. But the way to treat them is different, and so finding out for certain is essential. Once a diagnosis is made regarding your foot disorders in Redondo Beach, an appropriate treatment can be identified. Fortunately, most common foot conditions can be addressed with non-invasive means, including orthotics and anti-fungal medications. However, others, like rigid hammertoes, or an ingrown toenail that does not respond to simpler methods, will require surgery. Fortunately, these procedures can usually be done right here at our office, on an outpatient basis.

Call our office and we will arrange an appointment for you to come in for an examination and evaluation.

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