Local Foot Doctor Taurusa CA

Fungal toenails in Taurusa CA

Local foot doctor Taurusa CA

When diagnosed in a timely fashion, fungal toenails can be treated most effectively without any excessive consequence to face. Here at Flaherty & Florek Foot Care, we recommend that you come in right away and let our local foot doctor in Taurusa CA examine you and do an evaluation to determine the most appropriate way to address the situation.

Fungal toenails can range from mild to severe, and that will at least partially determine the form of treatment. Two of the most common methods that are used are oral and topical medications. Either is a simple and painless process that should be considered before more complex ones are suggested. Athlete's foot is also caused by fungus, and that condition often responds very well to oral and topical anti-fungal treatments. Toenails, however, can sometimes be more stubborn. Our local foot doctor in Taurusa CA will keep a close eye on your circumstances and if it gets worse, such as the toenails thickening, splitting, cracking, yellowing, or turning brittle, the removal of the nail plate may be the best option. By doing so, the effected area becomes exposed, and topical products are considerably more likely to achieve the desired results if they were not doing so beforehand. Our local foot doctor in Taurusa CA will work closely with you to determine the progress of your fungal toenails and to identify the strategy that will bring about the outcome you need. In order to do so, when you are examined, clinical cultures will be taken so that the nature of the fungus can be pinpointed. This will assist greatly in developing a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific issue.

It's a wise idea to act quickly when fungus becomes a problem. It's not something that is likely to go away on its own. Treatment of some sort is nearly always going to be necessary. Call us to schedule an appointment.

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