Foot doctor in Visalia

If you are looking for a podiatry practice where you can find help for your painful feet, you will want to visit us at Canyon Oaks Foot and Ankle, previously known as Flaherty & Florek Foot Care. At our podiatry practice, our top-notch doctors, Dr. Florek and Dr. Tyler P. May, can provide you with exceptional foot care. Our foot doctor in Visalia will precisely diagnose your foot problems and provide the appropriate treatment to have your feet feeling better soon!

Our foot doctor in Visalia provides treatment for a wide range of foot care problems. Today there is no reason to go through your life with most foot pain. There is almost always a way to have this pain relieved, usually in a non-surgical way. However, as with any medical issue, the sooner you receive treatment, the more likely it will be that the treatment will be easier and fully effective. We welcome patients of all ages into our practice from children to seniors. Among the most common foot problems that we treat are: Achilles tendinitis; arthritis of the great toe joint; hammertoes; plantar wart; ingrown toenail; athlete’s foot; diabetic foot care; neuromas; plantar fasciitis; fungal toenail; flat feet; bunion; calluses; corns; ankle sprains; and many other foot problems. If you have diabetes, you should come to see our foot doctor on a periodic basis so that any potential foot problems or infections can be treated while in their earliest stages. If you see that you have a hammertoe, a toe that looks like an upside down “V,” you will want to make sure that you visit our foot doctor while the hammertoe is still in a flexible state. If left untreated, the hammertoe will turn into a rigid hammertoe which is unable to move out of position. When this occurs, it is most likely that you will need to be treated surgically. Commonly children may need to come to see us for plantar warts, heel pain, or athlete’s foot.

For an appointment to meet with our foot doctor in Visalia, contact us to date.

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