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We believe that knowledge is the key to good health care. So helping our patients making informed decisions is our goal. Please take some time to explore the content below focusing on patient education in regards to shoe selection, general foot and ankle issues, sport related injuries, and general podiatric topics on a national and international platform.


Nothing is more important to us at Canyon Oaks Foot and ankle than reaching out, and offering care to those in need. Please stay tuned as we announce new affiliations through out Tulare county, and how these relationships can

better serve our community!



Before arriving to the Central Valley, Dr. Florek's goals included working hand in hand with the locale hospitals. This primarily included Kaweah Delta. Upon arrival, a new relationship was started. Drs. Florek and May do surgery and consultation at Kaweah Delta, helping those most in need.



  • Offering general, specialty and sub-specialty care in a full-range of medical fields (heart, lung, vascular, spine, childbirth, cancer, etc.) The only Magnet hospital serving children and adults in the Central Valley.  The only Level III Trauma Center in Tulare County.  First hospital in California to install Artis Zeego advanced 3D imaging equipment in operating room.  The only accredited amputation specialty program in the Central Valley and the only accredited stroke program in Tulare and Kings counties. Expansive rural health clinic system serving residents countywide.

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